The Lonely Arts Club

Series 4: Episode 2: David Yip

February 23, 2022 David Yip Season 4 Episode 2
The Lonely Arts Club
Series 4: Episode 2: David Yip
Show Notes

David Yip was the first Chinese lead actor in a British television drama series, fondly remembered by many for creating the role of Detective Sergeant John Ho, in ‘The Chinese Detective’ for BBC TV (1981 – 82.)

Liverpool born and bred, David is the son of a Chinese seaman and Liverpudlian mother and as always in The Lonely Arts Club, Martin McQuillan takes our guest right back to the beginning where it all started. David shares tales of his childhood and how he used his experiences to shape his career as an actor.

Setting off for theatre school in London, David says that he didn't realise at the time, he was actually leaving home. Now, as he looks back on his career of nearly 50 years, we hear tales of David's work in the theatre and how that morphed into TV and film.

David found stardom in the 1980s playing the leading role in the BBC series, The Chinese Detective; was it all down to luck that this was David's big break? No one will ever know but what's clear from speaking to David is how much passion he has for the career he's worked so hard to make for himself and the joy he has in sharing his wisdom with others. David's career has not only kept him local, starring in UK soap opera, Brookside, but has also allowed him to work on Hollywood hits such as James Bond and Indiana Jones.  

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