The Lonely Arts Club

Series 4, Episode 5: Cathy Tyson

March 16, 2022 Cathy Tyson Season 4 Episode 5
The Lonely Arts Club
Series 4, Episode 5: Cathy Tyson
Show Notes

This week on The Lonely Arts Club, we're joined by Liverpudlian actress, Cathy Tyson. 

Cathy's love for acting came from being in plays at school, which explains why she is still so passionate about the arts being a part of education. During this episode, we go back to the beginning where we learn about Cathy's life growing up, why her Mum was such a role model to her and how her love for the stage grew. 

Turning a hobby into a  successful acting career, Cathy got her big break when she was just eighteen. We hear of her journey from stage to screen and the reasons behind choosing to go back into education as an adult. 

Following on from her time with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Cathy made her film debut in 1986 with Mona Lisa - a performance which brought her critical acclaim, giving her the opportunity to continue developing professionally in a variety of roles. 

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