The Lonely Arts Club

Series 4, Episode 8: Mike Morris

April 27, 2022 Institute for Creative Enterprise Season 4 Episode 8
The Lonely Arts Club
Series 4, Episode 8: Mike Morris
Show Notes

This week on The Lonely Arts Club, Martin McQuillan is joined by Mike Morris. 

Mike’s journey has taken him down many paths, mainly all routed in social justice and politics.

The rural village of Rufford, Lancashire is where Mike’s story begins as he recalls growing up in the countryside. The only boy of the family, with five sisters, Mike laughs as he claims that he wasn’t spoiled by his siblings.

Mike shares stories about his childhood, and his memories growing up in the countryside and then in Liverpool. Admitting that he went through a period of rebellion at school, Mike’s step into work and further education as an adult was a successful one never-the-less.

During his teenage years, a strong interest in politics grew, which over time saw Mike become a political activist. We hear of his involvement in the Liverpool dockers’ strike and the anti-poll tax movement, and how his creative work became linked through writing and filmmaking.

Now the Co-Director of Liverpool-based literary organisation, Writing on the Wall, Mike tells us how he came to be in such a position and what their annual festival, WoWfest has in store this year. For more information on the festival starting in May, visit

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