The Lonely Arts Club

Series 4, Episode 10: Neil Fitzmaurice

May 11, 2022 Neil Fitzmaurice Season 4 Episode 10
The Lonely Arts Club
Series 4, Episode 10: Neil Fitzmaurice
Show Notes

For the final episode of this series of The Lonely Arts Club, Martin McQuillan is joined by Neil Fitzmaurice. 

Neil is an actor, comedian and writer and is best known for his appearances in Peep Show and Phoenix Nights, which he also co-wrote alongside Peter Kay and Dave Spikey. 

The Liverpool suburb of Anfield -" just a stone's throw from the football ground" - is where Neil spent his youth and he was only a youngster when he had his first taste of performing. Enjoying the buzz that he got from being onstage, Neil knew it was something he wanted to pursue. 

Going from one success to another, Neil soon became a big name in the world of stand-up comedy and collaborated with like-minded peers such as Peter Kay. Forming a writing trio, Neil, Peter and Dave came up with some cracking work, and it wasn't long before the idea for Phoenix Nights was born. 

We chat to Neil about the crossover between being a comedian, an actor and a writer and the challenges that all three elements can bring. 

As the only actor to appear in Phoenix Nights, Peep Show and The Office, we hear what life was like for Neil as his career took off and what advice he has for aspiring actors, writers and comedians. 

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