The Lonely Arts Club

Special Bonus Episode: Brookside's 40th Anniversary

November 26, 2022 Institute for Creative Enterprise Season 4 Episode 12
The Lonely Arts Club
Special Bonus Episode: Brookside's 40th Anniversary
Show Notes

On 2nd November 1982 British television was about to change forever. Channel 4 had launched and its second ever programme to broadcast was Brookside; the soap opera that liked to push boundaries, and in more ways than one. Some may say that Brookside was revolutionary; there was a team of writers, flighting to get the grittiest storylines possible on pre-watershed TV. There was a crew of highly skilled filmmakers who were bringing in the latest equipment and shooting in new  and exciting ways. And there was a passion for training young creatives; something that was rare in the industry at the time.

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of one of the country's most loved soaps, we'll be bringing you a special Brookside episode of The Lonely Arts Club where we'll be chatting with guests who were instrumental in the show's success. Listeners will hear from producers, Mal Young and Colin McKeown, director, Ken Horn, writers Jimmy McGovern and Joe Ainsworth and actress Eithne Browne.

Throughout the four (soon to be five!) seasons of The Lonely Arts Club, listeners can also hear from other guests who were linked to the soap opera, including Les Dennis and Roger Shannon.

You can also listen to all interviews in full from our four seasons, and subscribe to keep up to date on the release of series five, coming in the New Year.

Music on this episode was taken from DJ Darkstar's techno remix of the Brookside theme tune:

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