The Lonely Arts Club

Series 5, Episode 1: Jimmy McGovern (Part I)

February 08, 2023 Jimmy McGovern Season 5 Episode 1
The Lonely Arts Club
Series 5, Episode 1: Jimmy McGovern (Part I)
Show Notes

Kicking off this season, is screenwriting royalty, Jimmy McGovern, whose career in television began in the infamous writers' room of Brookside.

From soap operas to hard-hitting dramas, McGovern shares the tale of how he has become one of the nation's best known screenwriters. The storyteller behind some of the deepest dramatisations to reach our screens, the BAFTA winning writer is best known for his work around the Hillsborough disaster and the murder of Anthony Walker.

We go right back to Jimmy's school days where he was already showing promise of being a writer. We go through the many twists and turns of Jimmy's career and the tough times that he's faced along the way. 

This is part one of Jimmy's interview in The Lonely Arts Club. We'll speak to Jimmy again later in the series when we chat about Hillsborough and how Jimmy came to write the award winning drama. 

Available to download from Wednesday 8th February 2023, episode one with Jimmy McGovern will be available to download from Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all other podcasting platforms.

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