The Lonely Arts Club

The Lonely Arts Club: Best of Series Two

September 29, 2020 Institute for Creative Enterprise Season 2 Episode 12
The Lonely Arts Club
The Lonely Arts Club: Best of Series Two
Show Notes

As we prepare to launch series three, we look back on the second series of The Lonely Arts Club.

Series two was mostly recorded whilst the UK was under lockdown restrictions, meaning a lot of guests joined us virtually. And although the quality of some of episodes vary slightly, the series was still packed full of funny anecdotes and words of wisdom.

Author, presenter & founder of Indian street food restaurant, Mowgli - Nisha Katona MBE. Nisha takes us through her journey of growing up in Lancashire and practicing as barrister for 20 years before making the life changing decision to open her first Mowgli restaurant in Liverpool.

BAFTA Winning Screenwriter - Joe Ainsworth. Initially wanting to be a singer, Joe tells us how his passion for writing took over and how he ended up working for soap operas such as Brookside and more recently, Holby City. 

Business developer & host of The Anfield Wrap podcast and filmmaker - Neil Atkinson. Neil takes listeners through the journey of where The Anfield Wrap began and the story behind its success. We hear about the wider meaning of the podcast and what it means to Liverpool fans in a more cultural sense.

Art curator, writer & director of Liverpool Biennial - Fatos Ustek. Starting off in Turkey in the 1980s, Fatos tells us how she studied hard and dreamt of becoming a mathematician. We hear about the transition into the arts, which has allowed Fatos to travel and work around the world before coming to Liverpool.

Founder of production company, Pinball London - Paula Vaccaro. Paula takes us on her journey from growing up in Argentina to establishing her own production company in the UK. We hear what it takes to be successful in the media industry. 

Musician & guitarist of Echo & The Bunnymen - Will Sergeant. Will reflects on where his love for music and style came from and how his visits to Liverpool music venue, Eric’s inspired him to create his own unique sounds leading him onto achieving global success with Echo & The Bunnymen. 

Author & award winning journalist - Brian Reade. Brian speaks openly about the bigger moments as his journey through journalism began to unfold. Poignant memories for Brian include his involvement in campaigning for the Hillsborough disaster and once spending the day with sporting legend, Muhammad Ali

Co-founder of Doc Society (formerly Brit Doc) - Beadie Finzi. As Beadie discovered her passion for filmmaking, we hear how her career started and where the dream of The Doc Society first began.

Radio & TV presenter - Janice Long. Janice takes a trip down memory lane as she reflects on growing up in Liverpool. Starting off her media career in the studios of BBC Radio Merseyside, we hear how this path then led Janice to become one of the first female broadcasters on BBC Radio One.

Former Managing Director (Channel 4) & CEO (Channel 5) - Dawn Airey. Heading up teams that commissioned programmes such as Supermarket Sweep, This Morning and Father Ted, Dawn tells us all about the ups and downs of being in such powerful positions. 

Playwright - Willy Russell. Taking a trip down memory lane, Willy recalls the horrors of school as a youngster in comparison to the joy he found in going back to education as an adult where he found his passion for writing.