The Lonely Arts Club

Series 3, Bonus Track: Peter Hooton

March 12, 2021 Institute for Creative Enterprise
The Lonely Arts Club
Series 3, Bonus Track: Peter Hooton
Show Notes

Peter Hooton is the lead singer of the Liverpool band The Farm, known for many hit singles including "All Together Now" which reached no. 4 in December 1990. 
In this podcast Peter tells us about his time in the music industry, writing hit singles and what he has been doing since lockdown.

Peter himself has delved into the podcast world and through the Liverpool Echo produces Allez les Rouge, a podcast about Liverpool Football Club. He is also Chair of the Beatles Legacy Group and involved with The Spirit of Shankly.

We hear about Peter's time at primary school in the Old Roan and his secondary school in Bootle where the school bullies would "suck up to him" as his mum was a dinner lady. 

Speaking about the band, The Farm, Peter shares how the early days were spent rehearsing in a pub before they had the use of a farm which belonged to the parents of one of the band's girlfriends - this is where the name originated from. After pub gigs around Liverpool the band received a review in the NME which opened up the door to the John Peel sessions.

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